How to increase the power?

Disorders of the erectile function disease, in which a man it is difficult to admit even to themselves. Therefore, many people prefer to find information on how to increase the power of the house and drive the recommendations received. It is important to understand that when expressed sign of sexual weakness should go see a doctor – possible that have become somatic diseases, which require urgent treatment.

The power

That is needed for a good power?

The power is constituted by 2 factors: the presence of libido and ability to achieve erection. The first expresses the sexual desire, the presence of a desire for closeness, interest in the intimate side of life. In his absence, the physiological ability to get an erection, it does not matter, because the man loses emotional need for sex.

The erectile function of the genitals means hardening of the penis in a relaxing situation and to the intimate.

For the normal-level of libido meet:

  • A high level of testosterone. For its maintenance it is necessary to provide the body with a sufficient amount of zinc, actively doing sports, getting enough sleep;
  • Stable psychological state. Depends on the ability to resist stress factors, reduce the conflicts, recreation.

The physiological capacity of erection guaranteed:

  • The health of the blood vessels. For this it is necessary to reduce the consumption of bad fats and controlling the level of cholesterol, to avoid sclerosing of arteries and veins;
  • The absence of infections. The full functioning of the prostate and other organs of the urinary system provides the necessary hardness of the penis in an intimate setting.

Because of the reduced men of "power"?

Medicine highlights many of the assumptions for the development of erectile dysfunction. A part of them is associated with organic changes in the body, the other half is emotional blocks. Prolonged exposure to a man, even one of the following factors may adversely affect sexual solvency.

A sedentary life-style

Often the sexual impotence is associated with vascular lesions in diabetes, also to the disease they carry:

  • The accumulation of plaque on the walls;
  • Chronically high pressure;
  • Diseases of the heart muscle;
  • Operations on the pelvic organs;
  • Trauma abdominal and genital organs;
  • A great number of cigarettes smoked, and alcohol dependence;
  • Changes due to aging;
  • A genetic tendency;
  • The lack of sleep;
  • A sedentary life-style.

The second set of reasons – lack of androgens, or the lack of testosterone in the body, often resulting after 45 years. On the reduction of the synthesis of hormones affect:

  • Age;
  • Increased production of prolactin;
  • Pathology of the endocrine system.

Also among the prerequisites for impotence can note:

  • Infectious and inflammatory diseases of the prostate and other organs of the urinary system;
  • The presence of an excess of body weight;
  • The long-term use of medicines and sports supplements, which are particularly dangerous are anabolic steroids, pills blood pressure, tranquilizers;
  • Pathological changes of the nerve fibers;
  • The chemotherapy and the radiation exposure;
  • The accommodation in the area of environmental contamination;
  • The professional activity connected with a production.

The psychological problems and personal problems also sometimes cause sexual impotence. Depression psychogenic impotence – a result:

  • Living in constant stress;
  • Feelings of chronic fatigue;
  • Waiting for another error;
  • Feelings of chronic fatigue
  • Low self-esteem;
  • Formed a negative attitude towards women;
  • Phobias and fears;
  • Prolonged and excessive emotion;
  • Injuries of a sexual nature;
  • "Boring" sex;
  • The habits of a partner;
  • Overly frequent contacts;
  • Lack of experience;
  • Fears of an infection and help the pregnancy of the partner;
  • Constant conflicts with wife or girlfriend, family, colleagues;
  • The difficulties of life;
  • Lack of sleep after the birth of a small child.

How to increase the power of the natural methods of man?

First of all, the natural, the methods of recovery of sexual function refers to the correction of the life style. To increase the power in the house, it is necessary to review carefully the daily diet. It is important that the body receives a sufficient amount of trace elements, vitamins and amino acids, which will ensure that a high testosterone level, normal circulation and a strong immune system.

My wife is required to feed the husband the following products:

  • Walnuts and honey;
  • Flesh variety of the diet;
  • Vegetables (need to eat raw, steamed or boiled);
  • Berries and fruit, fresh or dried;
  • Different types of sea fish;
  • All species of shellfish;
  • Agri-dairy products;
  • Dark chocolate – enough to eat 2-3 squares;
  • Green, it is particularly important to the parsley;
  • Spezia, where the first place is the garlic and pepper, however, before an appointment, the first should be replaced with something more flavorful.
Short ride

The second way is physical activity. Doctors recommend:

  • Do regularly in the gym;
  • Do short jogging;
  • Enroll in the pool;
  • Master the spiritual practices. Some yoga asanas is extremely positive impact on the level of power.

In addition to these workouts, you must perform each day of exercises to strengthen the sexual solvency. First of all, this method is the Kegel. The method allows to develop the muscles power. Its main advantage – the possibility of training anywhere and at any time.

It is necessary to choose a series of exercises and run them every day, gradually increasing the load. High, even if not immediate, results demonstrate the following elements:

  • Deep squat;
  • Rotation of the housing;
  • The tension of the muscles of the anus;
  • The rotation straight legs from a lying position;
  • The oscillation of the basin;
  • The rotation of the hips with the maximum amplitude;
  • The execution of the "bridge" position "lying on the floor";
  • Tilt forward;
  • Step on the spot with the high increase of the knees;
  • Conservation, real or imaginary ball with the help of tension in the gluteal muscles;
  • Rapid retraction of the abdomen;
  • The formation of a ring due to the connections, brushes, and stop.

A further method, which is often used for the revitalisation and normalisation of the processes in the body – herbal medicine. Decoctions of herbs infused in water, plants, recipes, distilleries and liquor contribute to the strengthening of power, the promotion of health, robust immunity, also – refer to drugs, that you can drink without damage to health.

For the preparation of folk remedies should apply:

  • Ginseng increases libido, improves stamina, increases the duration of the act of proximity;
  • Swamp air – normalizes blood circulation and is involved in the treatment of urological diseases;
  • St. john's wort – active libido, stabilize the emotional state, relieves the psychological blockage;
  • Galangal – realizes the prevention of prostate inflammation, improves the mood, has a positive effect on the blood vessels;
  • Nettle – intense increases the synthesis of testosterone and treats diseases of the urinary system;
  • Hawthorn – stabilizes the erectile function, has a beneficial effect on the heart muscle, prolongs the sexual act;
  • Fenugreek – a natural pathogen, the spirit level, psychological state, addresses the lack of androgen;
  • Rhodiola rosa – increases desire, boosts the immune system;
  • Thyme
  • Thyme – improves erection thanks to its special composition, contains organic acids and vitamins of the complex;
  • Ivan-tea – useful in case of chronic prostatitis, prevents tumors, stimulates the production of sexual hormones;
  • Parsley – normalizes hormonal balance in the body and is responsible for the content of the blood within the corpora cavernosa;
  • Lemongrass – eliminates the effects of stress and increases the conductivity of the nervous centres;
  • Siberian Ginseng – similar to exposed with ginseng.

Other approaches

To increase potency in men, it can be used in the massage. It stands for the impact on the genitals, the prostate, and general massage of the body. Massaging the penis and testicles really provides a powerful blood flow, because of which begins calcification.

The specificity of the massage of the prostate is such that during the manipulation occurs arousal is involuntary. In addition, these procedures are extremely useful for preventing glandular inflammation of the organ.

Acupressure launches processes and emotional arousal physiological. According to the chinese, the doctors, the procedures also increase fertility. It is recommended to intensify bio-point in the matter of:

  • Stop;
  • Wrists;
  • Sacred;
  • Of the solar plexus.

Erotic massage not only helps to improve the power, but also improves the couple's relationship, adding in a report that new paint. Women can learn the basics of thai technique, comprising:

  • The use of incense, and play with lighting;
  • The impact of the whole body and not only with the hands;
  • The application of feathers, ice cubes, and other objects.

If necessary to achieve an erection as quickly as possible to resort to natural means of relief:

  • Walking barefoot on the floor, the better to grass;
  • Affixing a plaster of mustard to the footsteps, which activates the reflex zones.

The stabilization and strengthening of sexual function are possible with the help of vannes. In hot water add the stock, bay leaves or other medicinal plants. In addition, it is useful to use essential oils.

Are known for the aphrodisiac properties of ylang-ylang, sandalwood, amber, nutmeg, sage, rose, jasmine. Essences must be pre-mix with the honey, cream, sea salt. Those abroad it is recommended that you do not pour in oil burners, or sprinkle them with the specialized help the speaker.

The impact on the potency in men

For male sexual potency is influenced by a number of factors. Some promote male solvency, others on the contrary have a negative effect on erectile function. To maintain sexual stamina, you need to know exactly how to organize your life.


Positive effect on sexual activity impact:

  • Activities – sport, charging, periodic warm-up, if the professional activity is linked with many hours of stay in your armchair;
  • The right diet – every day you need to consume meat or fish, vegetables, rice, shellfish. Extremely necessary to these products, such as honey and nuts, and parsley;
  • Planning a visit to the clinic. Annual check-ups help identify the disease at an early stage, which allows a faster cure any disease.


Dramatically adversely affect the value of the male, the following factors:

  • Violation of the psychological background. Long-lasting stress, fatigue, and the development of depression, anxiety, phobias leads to a reduction in sexual solvency;
  • Moderate physical development. Muscles flabby, low activity lead to the deterioration of the circulation. Excessive fat layer of the imbalance of the relationship between male and female hormones;
  • Negative habits. Drugs, tobacco, ethanol causes the disease of the blood vessels and serious impact on health in general;
  • The infectious diseases. The viruses and bacteria that infest the body of toxic substances, affecting the organs, reduce the absorption of the nutritive elements, which in the end weakens the erectile function.
Weak physical development

How to save a powerful erection to old age?

Men who seek to maintain sexual stamina over the years, the doctors advise:

  • Prompt treatment of acute illness and maintain remission, and chronic;
  • After 50 years of controlling the levels of glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure;
  • Seek medical attention in case of problems of a psychological nature;
  • Maintain in accordance with the weight;
  • Avoid going back to bad habits, if present;
  • Sleep at least 8 hours per day;
  • Confidential to discuss with the doctor all the difficulties with the power;
  • Carefully to develop a menu of the day;
  • How to prevention is allowed regular event of the funds herbal medicinal products or herbal preparations (food supplements);
  • Use contrast to understand or sedentary baths.

Important: after 60 years of drilling, occur occasionally, simply the consequence of the characteristics of the body. In this case, you should discuss the situation with your partner and focus on finding some other experiences in the field of intimate life.